Innocence lost: What are the most interesting, or shocking thing that you have learned since travelling to other countries?

Traveling gives us the freedom to disconnect from our internal affairs,our own personal regular lifestyle. You get to forget your woes and troubles, and it can also help you figure things out that you would not have otherwise understood. We get to Experience new customs and culinary, I always have a fantastic time trying new food,trekking,hiking,fishing and swimming is a bonus.I also like visiting the country’s museums because it helps to create in your mind the history of the country and its people.

You learn to take risk, but keep within reason because you have to be more responsible when you’re in another country,Confidence and courage are just some of the things you’ll learn when traveling,You’ll discover what you’re really made of and who you really are.
It offers life experience in leaps and bounds,it is so fantastic you definitely learn more about yourself on a personal level, and it will have an impact on your life. You will notice how changed you have become and the way you interact with people,and that there are so many other ways of doing things.The world doesn’t center on you, but it’s got lots to offer.
Meeting new people can be fun and exciting and there is no shortages of surprises. Things that you have watched in the movies are sometimes,often far from reality of the real life experiences.
In every biography of a great adventurer,there is an inquiring mind asking,how did they come to be what they are, and what triggered them to hold the ideas that they now hold, what was the central pivotal point of their journey that brought about their personal beliefs,what transpires the changes in them?

The main focus is on experiences. What are the most interesting and shocking experience that you have encountered,while living abroad and what were your reactions,did it stir up any emotions good or bad,what have you learned about others,while going through these experiences, how has it change your perspective and outlook on life.
Tell us a bit about what you like or disliked about the place you went,what you find interesting or shocking. Everyone’s experiences are different,everyone has their own truth and stories,what’s yours?

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