How To Stay Safe In A Foreign Country: Tips For Black Women on how to survive in a new country.

In every country that you live in or moved to whether it’s new or it’s your own,You are going to have encounter with the good or the bad,from all walks of life,including those that are waiting to take advantage,especially if they realize that you are not too familiar with the place nor environment that you choose to live in;so you are going to have to do a lot of shifting and shuffling, until you can find your feet.

When in a new country try to Make friends, and when you find someone that you can deeply trust,someone that has been there for you through thick and thin until the stormy weather has passed,it means that you have found yourself a true friend. Stick with them and treat them the same way as they treat you.
In a new country you are going to go through many ups and downs and all your fickle and fake friends will disappear when you are going through your down times,when you are in your up time the fickle friends will appear again,so treat your good friends right and just enjoy the laughs with your fickle friends. Your good friend will remain beside you whether the weather is stormy or not. Remember friendship is not a one way street.


Get yourself,and sign up with a good lawyer;avoid dodgy patronizing and argumentative lawyers,you will never reach anywhere with them, plus it is not a good start to have people taking care of your business, that you are having arguments with. If you have a family member in the new country that you have moved to, and they have a trustworthy lawyer, perhaps it would be easiest if you sign up with that lawyer. Make sure that any lawyer you choose to work with is of good character. Keep in contact with your lawyer, and try to develop and maintain good business ethics with him or her. Perhaps you might not use the lawyer straight away, but whenever you need anything done, and your friends do not have the proper requirements, your lawyer will come in handy.

When you are out and about tell family and friends of your where about,especially if you are going to the cinema, or pub or hanging out with a male or women acquaintances that you do not know so well. So make sure to tell family and friends exactly where you are and who you are with, just in case they turn out to be doctor Jeckles or Mrs Hyde. Thousands of black American and British women have been going missing, in the last few years. I’m sure it is happening in other parts of the world too,make sure you do not become one of the many that are missing.

A lot of kidnapping rings has been established, and most of the people targeted are black women. People are kidnapped for a plethora of reasons,race,religion,skin tone,culture,politics and money. People from all races cultures and creed,including people from your own culture and race, women and men some in professional and government jobs, others are working in the private sector;some have been sucked into these kidnapping rings,so keep your ears peeled and watch your surroundings carefully. Money is trickled down when they help to get you kidnapped, so be careful.

People that have claimed to be your friends,co-workers etc. will also try to get you kidnapped for whatever reason,it could be for a secret pimp running a brothel in another country, or it could be an organ donation ring,or drugs, it could be anything,so make sure to keep yourself on security alert even when you are enjoying yourself. You cannot tell who is in it,or who they are working for by just looking at them,it is not that easy. It seem as if the matrix is in full swing, and you have now become part of it,just by being there.

Even people that have become your good trusted acquaintances or friends can sometimes be recruited by unscrupulous characters,money is the root. If you find that there is a sudden change in mood towards you from one of your friend,and you have to be defending yourself around him/ her over every little simple thing,he or she could be a recruit and they are planning something seedy behind your back. Be extra careful what you tell to this person and do not let them know of your where about,if you are going to be alone do not let them know,but make sure you are not alone with them. Keep in close contact with a trusted friend and family and keep them up to date on what is unfolding just in case.

If you are with a group of people and you start to feel insecure around them,find some form of excuse to leave,but do not let them know that you are leaving,just say you are going to use the women’s bathroom or something. Do not let them know that you feel uncomfortable around them because they might have you followed,just pretend as if you are with it until you are safely away from them. Make sure there is credit on your phone, and money is secured for a cab, just in case you find yourself in any sticky situation.

By VG.


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