Husband, 96, hears deceased wife’s love letter 72 years later

The envelope was addressed to Rolf Christofferson, who was a sailor in the Norwegian Navy. Cook’s daughter looked up the name on the internet and found the man’s son in California.The letter was dated 1945 and was found in a crack in the ceiling. (Source: CNN)

Virginia Christofferson wrote the letter before her son was born and spoke about the baby she was going to have. She died six years ago.


Metal detectorist to receive £2m reward for discovering Britain’s biggest Viking hoard

A metal detectorist who found Britain’s biggest Viking treasure hoard is set to receive a reward of nearly £2 million.

Derek McLennan, 50, a retired businessman, found the remarkable 10th century artefacts in a field on church land in the south west of Scotland in 2014.

The haul included silver bracelets, brooches and ingots, a gold ring, an enamelled Christian cross and a bird-shaped gold pin.


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