Minimum wage hike would kill thousands of jobs in liberal DC suburb, study finds

of jobs in liberal DC suburb, study finds
Research shows the wage boost hurts lower income workers; Dan Springer reports on ‘Special Report’

A new study commissioned by a Washington, D.C., suburb could send a warning shot to local governments taking up the ‘Fight for $15’ – predicting a proposed minimum wage hike would cost thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in lost income.

The study was conducted to assess the impact of a proposal in Montgomery County, Md., to raise the minimum wage to $15, up from $11.50. Such a proposal cleared the county council in January but was vetoed by County Executive Isiah Leggett, who commissioned the study.

The results could strike a blow to ongoing efforts in the liberal-leaning county to hike the wage, finding:

The proposed increase in the County minimum wage has the potential to provide some important benefits,” the study noted. “An increase in earnings for low-wage County workers will have tangible positive impacts for low-income workers and their families. This should also lead to reductions in poverty, improvement in mental health and a reduction in hunger and stress among minimum wage workers.”

But it continued, “… At the same time, it is also projected that the wage increase will lead to a significant loss of low-wage jobs. This loss of jobs would lead to a loss of income among County residents. This also has the spillover effect of reduced income tax revenue for the County.”


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