Why It’s Good To Read Poetry

Why it’s so good to read poetry;Poetry is food for the brain;it’s a living power source with its own mechanical energy.it’s a gateway of collective expression,an art of spontaneous formulation.

It uses rythmic composition of languages to pass on stories to a wider generation. According to Robert Pinsky(It’s Memory within and beyond a life span).

Reading poetry can enhance your mental ability, Helps you to better understand people while healing the soul. Poetry can aid the development in children’s education, with its rythm and beats,it expands their understanding of words, which creates a special response to the brain.

Poetry helps to improve emotional intelligence,could be looked at as a bowl filled with different kinds of fruit.
The variants are known as sonnet,lyric,ode,epic,rythmic rymes,concentrated,limerick,ballad,and elegy;Therefore poetry is a hearkening sound of vibrating frequencies,an enigmatic force of segacity;and this is what the book (Poems Spring To Life) is all about. It’s sort of a modern classic that is now part of an established realm.

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