Ancient Practice: Remedies straight from your kitchen? read more

Sometimes there’s nothing like a good quick home remedy;to soothe pains, heal skin rash,clean and illiminate odours in the home and even beautify. Are you aware of the fact that not just herbs, but many staples which you almost certainly have in your kitchen, can also be used in a variety of ways?

Effective and healthy home remedies are ancient traditions that never truly went away. Baking Soda for instance is mostly use as a cooking agent, but it can also be used as an easy and temporary treatment for other things including indigestion.

With this quick guide book you can explore some of the many things in your home,pantry, fridge and cubbards that has therapeutic relief,and can also be used to give your immune system a boost.

At times we do suffer from minor bruises, and slightly annoying non life threatening ackes and pains,and is not capable of reaching a doctor in time,these simple tips can be helpful.

So you’ve got all these ingredients at home, but hav’nt a clue of what to do with them,and this is where the book therapeutic and beauty staples at home will be handy.


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