Staying Cool In The Hot Summer

The sun is shining and the weather is good,but sometimes it can get really hot and it leaves us frustrated and tormented;so here’s how to stay cool. If you do not like the taste of plain water,make yourself some lemonade or orange squash.

Drink lots of water,don’t just sit there feeling clammy and hot while complaining,drink a lot of cool water. Water is not only the best thirst quencher,it’s the best hydrater for when the fluid inside you started pouring out of your scalp,running down the sides of your face,and dripping off your chest and back.

Wear cotton clothing,I prefer to wear loose fitting cotton clothing. If you can’t stand your clothese swinging off of you,then an alter top or maxi dress that fits will do just fine.

Take a shower using cool water;turn off the hot water and enjoy a cold bath. The cold bath shrinks pores and diminishes the amount of sweat that comes out,and will keep your body cool.


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