How To Take Care Of Your Pet Birds

Jamaican National Bird:The Doctor Bird

How To Take Care Of Your Pet Birds

This applies to birds of all ages,old or young.
Your pet is just like your human friend,so it’s going to need closeness,socializing and bonding.If you ignore them for too long you will involuntarily create psychological problems;they will become emotional and start to pick out their own feathers;so make sure that they are well fed and spend quality time with them. You need to make your pets happy,and if your pet is happy,it means less time at the vet,and you in turn will be happy too; If I was a pet owner and cannot find the time to bond properly with my pets,I would adopt two at the same time,so my pet when I’m not around would have a companion. You could also try Giving them flockmates if you’re ok with taking care of a whole flock.

Make sure that your pet’s cage is properly made to give comfort that is suited to their needs;their cage will become their home,so the environment around and in the cage must be enriching. The cage must be chosen to accomodate the size of each pet bird;and the environment must be comfortable and entertaining to make them as happy as can be when you’re not around,good perches,their favorite toys and other accessories that will keep them mentally stimulated.

Make sure to refill their bowls each time before you step out the door,and leave them with lots of nutritious and rich pickings,that has iron and vitamins.

They’re in captivity,so excercise must become part of their caring needs;practice a little at a time while teaching them tricks,keep short sessions interesting and fun;remember they cannot do a lot of flying around without their wild habitats,so they have to be retrained on how to live with a human,who must teach them how to stretch and lots of other birdie tricks that will keep their bones properly maintained and it will also keep them happy,while keeping their muscles strong and in shape.


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