Best Quick Foods During The Cooler Months

It’s nearing its coldest months and a lot of people are getting all cozied up beneath the warmth of their velvet blankets,but what about food and nutrition? So here are some quick foods to eat during the winter months.

Cornmeal or oats porridge is simple and easy to make,especially when your hands are too cold and you can’t be bothered to cook a meal for hours on end.

Add a few large spoons full of oats or cornmeal,to a container of boiling water and let cook for a few minutes,then add skimmed or powdered milk,honey or sugar and sweetened to your prefered taste.

And you could also add a packet of premade soup,to a sauce pan of hot water and simmer with a handful of green vegetable,it gives the soup flavor and bulks it up. You can do the same to stews and casseroles.

Here is another quick fix,boil starch like potatoes and supplement them with carrots,or mash the potatoes with cooked cauliflower,add butter and salt; You can eat this with steamed fish,callaloo or spinach.


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