Helpful websites and numbers for those that are depress and need to talk

Bizzare numbers and websites for stress relief

Your mood,your problems,or if you’re just worried about something. These are for people that are on the brink of depression or maybe just having a not so good day,so pick up the phone and get talking.

So bizzare!

Breathing space: Here is their number

Breathing space: this one is in scotland and specified that it’s for scottish residents only. This is what it says,sometimes our thoughts and feelings can overwhelm us. It helps to get some breathing space,pick up the phone we’re here to help.

And this one is the most bizzare because?
This one goes by the name Return to sender, and the other names for it are the mail box,connect real vent and no-one home buddy,can’t even seem to make up its own mind about what it wants to be called,so welcome to the asylum,and here is the number. 08712689824 read on for more bizzare explanation about this one.

So it goes by a number of names, and I hear that each time you ring it you can make up a name in your head, and think of it as a personal friend; You can also dial anonymous and put 141 in front of your original number,Maybe they’re just trying to get the callers comfortable,so they can choose to call it any of the above names,or whatever they like,while thinking of it as a buddy that listens but do not speak. Here is their number again.


Although return to sender,the mail box,connect reel vent or no-on home buddy does not have an official website a friend past it on to me,because she’s used it a few times and said that it helped her,in a sort of bizzare way,and now she’s addicted to it. It’s a telephone number that you ring and it will go to a male or female voicemail,then you talk,or curse or vent out your frustrations in it for two to five minutes about what is bugging you for the day then you hang up,and thats it.
Quite simple and bizzare but also good for people that do not really wish for a person to pick up the phone,but it give you that feeling of not being too isolated and you can just let it all out after you hear the beep of the voicemail,which prompts you to leave a message,yes guys you are actually talking to a mail-box.
It’s only 13 pence a minute,quite cheap too,two pence cheaper than some uk landline rate,and remember its only a few minutes that you will spend talking to the mail-box,or if you much prefer return to sender. I think it’s a very good idea for shy people that are going through problems,and want to phone someone but at the same time do not wish to speak to anyone.
You can keep calling and talk to the mailbox,until you feel confident enough to share your problems with someone live,on another phone service or face to face. You can talk for as little as one minute ,or until the voicemail cuts you off,but its all up to you.

Here is another one with a bizzare name:
This is a website for people that need help can register and get matched with a proper therapists,or councellor. It says it has a low subscription fee and you can download the app to log in and speak to your councellor whenever you see fit. It is for depression,mental health issues and more. There might also be an option for anonymous venting, and listening, and no signup is required for that particular option.

Here you have another bizzare name:

Yes you read it right,there is a crisis support network that is called Quite a bizar name and you can go to options that gets you linked to a buddy buddy texter,sort of like a text therapists or you can choose a therapists for online therapy, Vent? Yes thats right there might also be a venting option,to an anonymous person,I hope that they meant talk,or it was me that interpreted it wrong.

But Considering that councelors and therapist,hypnotists and hypnotherapists and the works can cost people that are going through problems enormous fees,like up to 200 to 500 dollars or pounds per session; I still believe that these work out pretty cheap and well for those that are struggling and cant afford to pay for a coach or therapists. Dont knock it until you’ve tried it.


7 thoughts on “Helpful websites and numbers for those that are depress and need to talk

  1. Is this the number to return to sender 08712689824 ? Because I’ve been going through a lot of work related stress, but don’t really want to share my problems with anyone but I really want to let it out. I think the mail box one is a good idea.


  2. I just tried the return to sender number,and I really like it better than when I call the Samaritans. Its as if you can let off some burden without feeling like you’re burdening anyone with your problems.


  3. Good article, nice to see a number of helplines in one place. Am sure this will help a lot of people that are not really sure about what to look for.


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