Coffee or tea?

Let’s go back to some of the researches that has been done. A dutch research published in arteriosclerosis thrombosis journal of america heart association in 2010,said that drinking more than six cups of tea per day was associated with 36 per cent lower risk of heart disease compared to those that drank less than single cup.

The uk bionank was central to the study. Dr Hwang and his team wanted to find why some made their choice in prefering tea or coffee,and found that people who could detect bitterness of caffeine prefered coffee to tea and are more likely to seek it out,eventhough tea might be a bettet choice,studies have determinef that tea and coffee have health benefits.

Tea has antioxidants and can lower the risk of heart disease,while coffee can prevent type 2 diabetes if a person drink three cups per day.

And it may be down to your genes if you prefer coffee over tea.

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