The Making Of Female Targets According To One News Source

Things That Ring Leaders Use To Turn A Person Into A T.I. Targeted Persons

I came across this other article on a targeted individual website; According to what is written,These are some of the things that men uses to make the women a target,according to the article itself.

If a man has a few dollars or know people in high places,they can easily make a female become a targeted individual.

It may start off with small and even normal things such as friendships,but the women are not aware that the posers are sent there to ensnare them,but small traps over periods of time are what turn the women into targets. Some of the men will approach and buy the female expensive gifts,but the men would often times retain the reciepts,after a few weeks or months,they will report the women to the community as thieves,and when three or five men repeat the same trickery on that one female and also report her as a thief then the gangs or community will start an assesment without her knowledge;When everything is finally set up and is in place everywhere that female reside,providing it’s a shared space, she’ll find that a small number of people are willing to help other perps to set her up as a thief.Anything can now make her a thief even simple things like chocolate apple nuts rice orange sitting in a small space having a cuppa;Because every little report helps to keep the women a target;The ring leaders will buy cameras and listening devices and tell the perps where she’s living to install them,or they will encourage the perpetrators buy and install listening devices and cameras around the areas that they’re going to lure the females,then the females are encouraged to relax and eat whatever they like by someone particularly a male,then she will be reported for food theft,while the targeted female is clueless as to what is taking place in her surroundings. In other cases the females letters parcels and home deliveries are placed near foods mostly dining areas,the table would already have munchies fruits biscuits etc in abundance,cameras and listening devices are turned on and profiling the female’s movements,after a while there’ll be confrontations pertaining to food.

Rebuffed advances in the work-place are pupular among female targets,refusing a date from the manager his son cousin friends and other close associates;In such cases the women will already have moved on but the man in return will set out to make her life uncomfortable in the job by making bad reports,encourage bullying against the females in the work environment,salary decrease,sacked from her post and wherever she turn up for a job the same things will be repeated;This kind of rebuffed advances not only happen in the job sector,it can happen in the housing sectors with housing councils managers and women and teen girls that are trafficked to do menial jobs like house slaves and sex work jobs and so forth.

Someone made a false report against the female for child neglect or abuse,such as peadophelia or non favourable things relating to children;The female will then be harrassed for commiting offences against children etc. People who know the female will start to encourage her around to take care of their children baby sitting and other things while the females are being watched with cameras and listening devices,whether or not she poses a threat to children the community may invade or still harrass her about child offences,in cases like this the same applies to male targets,when or if the target are in contact with children the RFID chip that is already implanted in the target are sent child abuse messages to the targets brain waves,the person that operates the signals are trying to get the targets to commit sexual abuse against children.

The violent female target in the making;
While all these accumulated lies and false reports are stiring around the females,the ring leaders enlists gangs abusers ruff men and others to commit crimes against the women,they’re told to tell more severe lies on the female,they’re told to encourage the female into brawls,follow abuse rape cut cause bodily harm and make more false reports against the female targets,Whilst they’re encouraged into these pre-meditated brawls the females are then reported as a (violent female). Once the women are reported and seen as a violent female, (the con men) (con artist) or if prefered to call them perps will be encouraged to carry knives and weaponry to attack the women whenever they stir more brawls between them and the female targets.

The targeted females are stunned into silence;When they finally get everyone around the female to become a perp,the targets will start to have withdrawal syndromes,become untrusting of people and those around her or even him,and this is where the real pain begins with the RFID chips implanted,severe headaches vomiting stabbing in the chest ear eyes severe hunger and nose bleed,urinary or penal penetration and everywhere that can be invaded.

This kind of target is also popular;It mostly work with ethnic groups of every kind,groups of people making false reports againsts another group,trying to get one ethnic girl boy woman from another race or even religion careers stalled and get them hurt in the process etc.

Females that often get set up as targets are those that mostly spend a lot of time by themselves,women that live alone with their children,or even men that live alone or with their children,once a ring leader finds out that the target enjoys their own company,an invasion process will start to take place.

This is my take and opinion,
The best women can do that travel and live alone is not to tell anyone that they’re alone,only let family members and close trusted friends know,if you should come into any contacts with people man or woman and if they should ever find out that you’re living alone,tell them that you sometimes have sleep overs with 5 or 6 relatives and friends,but never let them know that you’re alone,just in case they might not have your best interests at heart,better to be safe than sorry.


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