Wing will start making drone deliveries in Finland next month


The trial will make deliveries to residents in the city’s Vuosaari district, which Wing notes is the capital’s most populous area. The service will offer products from two shops: the gourmet supermarket Herkku Food Market and local restaurant Cafe Monami.

When Wing first announced its intention to launch a trial in Finland, it said that delivery flights would cover a maximum of 10km with packages weighing 1.5kg or less, and with delivery times expected to be around 10 minutes. Since making the announcement, Wing has been running test flights in Teisko, a municipality to the north of Helsinki, to ensure that its drones are up to the task of flying in harsh conditions.

Wing says it’s been hosting community events in Vuosaari to prepare local residents for the drones that will shortly be flying over their neighborhood. However, the company’s drones have been criticized in the past for the amount of noise they produce. During a trial period in the Australian capital of Canberra, some residents told ABC News that they could hear the drones flying overhead even with their windows closed.

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