Jamaican teachers watched followed beaten and sometimes killed

A high number of Jamaican teachers are suddenly being abused and murdered:Is it a coincidence,and are violence against teachers an overlooked crisis?

Wed May 8, 2019

A Grade 6 teacher was shot at his house in Westmeade, Portmore Wednesday morning and later died in hospital. Senior Superintendent Clive Blair, commanding officer for the St Catherine South police division, told RJR News that the 35 year old teacher, Clevon Campbell was attacked sometime after 3 o’clock, when two men, one armed with a gun, broke into his house.

July 10 2019

School family in mourning after teacher murdered,Reports from the Mandeville police are that 43-year-old Davis-Campbell, of Melrose Mews, Manchester, was at home with a family member about 1 a.m. when they heard a noise outside. It is further reported that a gunman kicked open her door and opened fire hitting her several times.

Dec 02 2015:

Female teacher boxed, punched at school,A female teacher was reportedly boxed and punched repeatedly by a male student at a Corporate Area high school on Monday, THE STAR has learnt. Information reaching our news desk is that the student confronted the teacher at the Kingston-based school and allegedly carried out the attack.

Students at the institution yesterday confirmed the incident, but said the alleged attacker did not turn up for school.

The students said the boy at the centre of Monday’s disturbance was allegedly involved in an incident sometime ago in which a toy gun was used to injure another teacher in the left ear. That injury resulted in that member of staff being sent on sick leave.

| October 17, 2012

The female teacher who was viciously beaten inside her classroom in front of terrified students at Dunrobin Primary School in St Andrew two weeks ago says she is terrified about having to go back to work because she believes the attack was “well-orchestrated”.

The teacher, whose identity is being withheld by The Gleaner, declined to speculate on who was behind the attack, but said she had an idea of the reason behind it.”Every time I am to go back (to work), I get this fear and this phobia … ,” she said.”It’s gonna be very, very hard for me.”In her first public comments since the shocking October 1 incident, the teacher recounted that she was conducting a class when she saw two men standing at the entrance to the classroom.She said she thought they were parents and greeted them with a smile and asked how she could assist when suddenly they unleashed a barrage of blows all over her body.

june 22 2019:

Principal hospitalised after being chopped by intruder in school compound,The principal had reportedly just left her office and was heading to her apartment when she was attacked by a man wearing a mask. He is reported to have breached the security system on the compound of the all-girls, boarding institution. The man demanded her bag and although she is said to have complied, she was chopped on the hand by the robber, who later escaped.

Thu May 5, 2011

Teachers Day celebrations at the Seaforth High School in St. Thomas were marred on Wednesday after students severely beat a male teacher. The incident follows one in March in which three students were injured and one arrested following a school yard brawl. According to reports reaching RJR News, just after 4:30 Wednesday afternoon, the Vice Principal instructed a male teacher to ask students to return to classrooms, the chairs which were used during a Teachers Day function. However, several students reportedly refused to cooperate and began running away. When the teacher tried to block their escape, one of the boys reportedly jumped on him and began punching him. In the struggle, they both fell to the ground and other students allegedly began kicking the teacher all over his body. The teacher was seriously injured and had to seek medical attention.

December 22, 2015 | 12:37 PM

ON TUESDAY, October 6, 2015

my life changed drastically. At approximately 1:05 p.m., I was in a grade nine class teaching. During the lesson, I was hit on my left ear by an object which, based on where I was standing, was fired from a student from the class.

When I asked who had fired the object, which later turned out to be a toy gun, no one claimed responsibility. However, I saw a male student of the class with a toy gun in his hands when I turned around. He was later identified by other students of the class as the one responsible for firing the toy gun. I had to seek medical attention the following day because of the severe pain and discomfort I was experiencing. An examination by the doctor revealed an abrasion to my left ear.

I am still experiencing pain and discomfort in my left ear two months after the incident. I feel a sense of violation. I am extremely upset. This was an intentional act of violence. However, I am comforted by the fact that a few of the students of the class have expressed their disgust with their classmate’s violent behaviour. Yet, each time I go to a classroom and turn my back to write on the chalkboard, I become anxious, not knowing if I will become target practice for some student.

Sep 30 2013

A female teacher at a popular high school in Kingston was attacked and beaten by a male student at the institution recently, after she reprimanded him, THE STAR understands.

Information reaching THE STAR is that the incident occurred in front of several other teachers and students. The affected teacher started working at the institution this month.

It is understood that the Grade 11 student was in a class being taught by the teacher when he got up and left the classroom. Upon returning sometime later he attempted to re-enter the class but was prevented from doing so by the teacher, who told him that since he left he should stay out.

He reportedly pushed her aside and went back to his seat. The teacher ordered him to go to the Dean (of Discipline’s) office but he refused. She decided that she would then go get the Dean, and it was while heading to the office that she was attacked by the boy and punched several times.

June 13 2016

Students suspended for fighting teacher – Classmates catch dramatic incident on tape,Classmates catch dramatic incident on tape Two Jonathan Grant High School students have been suspended after they were involved in a fight with a male teacher recently. The high drama, which has gone viral after being caught on tape by some students at the institution, saw the boys performing what appears to be a tag-team fight against the teacher in question;When THE STAR contacted the principal of the school, Dr O’Neil Ankle, he was less than candid about the incident, offering very little detail. “Yes, I am aware of it, but I will say nothing else on the matter,” he said. “The most I can tell you, and the most I will tell you, is that the matter is before the board. He further explained that the students captured on tape have already been identified and have since been suspended. He declined to say what, or if any action has been taken against the teacher. The just under a minute-long tape has made its rounds on Facebook and other platforms. In it, two male students are seen fighting the teacher on the school compound. Several users took to social media to express their discontent with the footage.

2 thoughts on “Jamaican teachers watched followed beaten and sometimes killed

  1. Only the jamaican ones,I find it strange too that its only them and teachers from abroad are safe and can work in peace and live there until they’re old and grey,somebody who is not jamaican join up with the criminals and pointing out the jamaicans to them when they’re out on their own.


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