The high sudden death rate of Jamaica’s indigenous people

A few years ago they were all alive eating drinking partying with their families and friends,but there has been a dramatic turn for all of a sudden Jamaica start to lose its indigenous citizens;Rapidly women children men they all come down with illnesses and die shortly,and who don’t die shortly from illnesses are killed by hit men,gun men thieves and robbers at their gates and in their homes;How odd that its the indigenous ones only that are dieing off? 2017 alone a high number of Jamaica’s politians passed away,very shocking! It’s like watching the movie walking dead,The ones who were born and bred there seem to be dieing in such high numbers!! We’re all familiar with the term of unsafety in some parts of Jamaica,but it use to be just gang on gang violence;And every country in the world has their own gang on gang violence to deal with, But now teachers,nurses,business owners, tech students,politicians born and bred in the island,either are dieng abroad or in Jamaica;University students all of which are born and bred in the island of Jamaica have suddenly fell victims to murder, strange illnesses,car accidents; How can people who born in their own county do not know their own roads,but everybody else who is not familiar with the roads from abroad can drive to their destinations and reach back to their residents safe and well? A number of dance-hall artists and singers have been victims of road accidents recently,some of them still lucky to be alive. Very recent a high number of school children have fallen victim to rape,sex trafficking,sudden death,murder, some are found with their heads removed from their bodies,others their tiny bodies so badly dismembered that they can be only identified by DNA. There’s also a high spike of ST D’s,high spike of cancer among children and adults. Why is there a sudden spike of cancer among only the indigenous people in the island? Are they eating differently from everyone else? are they being sprayed by chemicals from drones? Why are all these indigenous innovators dieing out so rapidly all of a sudden. Are they being secretly killed and replaced without them even knowing?Are they being secretly gas-lighted?Are they being watched followed,stalked,planted with listening devices,hacked,chipped and fallen victims to mind control people who moved to the island? If you think mind control is a term bandied about by crazed conspiracy theorists and best viewed in old spy films, think again, Mind control is the concept by which a subject’s thoughts and actions can be controlled by an external force. Word of advice: Check your vehicle for hidden devices,keep one phone for family members and another for friends aquaintances,fake people who pretend to be friends. Don’t buy toy decoration devices and attach it to your vehicles,you don’t know what is in these toys,they could be trackers or listening devices,they could be tiny lethal devices,they could be anything. Don’t bring strangers from abroad and who just moved to the country around you and your families enclave,if they come with mikes claiming to be doing interviews and asking too many intimate questions,chances are they could be up to no good.

MVP Track Club athlete Jordan Scott reportedly died in a car crash on Hope Road yesterday morning (September 10).

Scott, formerly of Mannings School and Petersfield High attended the University of Technology (UTECH).

Another MVP athlete – Michael Campbell was also injured in the crash and has been admitted to the University Hospital of the West Indies.

Campbell was a member of Jamaica’s 4x100m relay team at this year’s IAAF World Championships in London.

Reports indicate that the car was travelling along Hope Road towards Papine at 4:45 am, when the driver overtook an ambulance at the intersection of Hope and Lady Musgrave Roads. 

Scott reportedly lost control of the vehicle before crashing into a median and then a utility pole before the car burst into flames.

The men were rescued from the blaze and taken to hospital where Scott was pronounced dead and Campbell admitted in serious condition.

Another death in 2017: A heartbroken Usain Bolt raced to the scene of Germaine Mason’s fatal motorbike crash in Jamaica after hearing of his friend’s tragic accident, it has been revealed.
British Olympic silver medallist Mason was killed while heading into the island’s capital, Kingston, at around 4.20am this morning.
The Jamaican-born high jumper reportedly lost control of his Honda CBR motorbike and was later pronounced dead at the hospital.
The 34-year-old is believed to have been at a party with several other athletes, including his close friend track star Bolt, before the crash.
Jamaican born student and athlete Sabrina Cammock was found dead on Saturday in a Times Square hotel the New York Police are reporting.
Cammock hails from Watt Town in St Ann and attended the Bethany Primary School near Alexandria in the parish. She left Jamaica after completing Grade Six for the United States. She is said to be approximately 22 years-old.
KINGSTON,  Jamaica, Februry 2, 2019 – Member of Parliament for Portland Eastern Dr. Lynvale Bloomfield is dead. He  was found stabbed to death at his home on Saturday morning.
Dr. Bloomfield, a member of the opposition People’s National Party, was a two-term MP, winning on his first attempt in the December 2011 general election. He won re-election in the 2016.
In a statement released shortly after news of Dr. Bloomfield’s death broke, Opposition Leader and President of the People’s National Party (PNP), Dr. Peter Phillips, said members of that party along with  the entire Jamaica were “shocked, shaken and saddened by the news of the tragic death…”
Jamaican teacher shot dead in her bedroom in portmore and the list goes on and on and on.

6 thoughts on “The high sudden death rate of Jamaica’s indigenous people

  1. You are right,it’s called gas lighting when a number of people from all different countries cultures and race including black,come together to track down another group of people for the sole purpose of getting them killed.


  2. Jamaican people love friends too much;I see it happen all the time. They fight with their old friends as soon as new foreign friends start to chat to them,they don’t know if these people are good or bad,or try to get close to them just to hurt them,but just by being new they start to call them bredren and friends. You cannot look at someone skin and think just because they’re similar in skin tone or culture means that they’re friends or mean good for you and your community and families. That goes for people too who do not share same or similar skin tone and culture.


  3. Sad;did any foreigners start to become members in their parliament have they been vetted properly,and are they from cultures that are always fighting with Jamaicans abroad.


  4. To be safe you will have to form a secret group among yourselves like what we do in our country,I wont say what country I’m from but don’t let anyone in,just among yourselves and watch the outsiders,regardless of what nice words they’re saying to your faces. Don’t form any group with any outsiders,they can turn against you at any time.


  5. What kinds of people in control of their databases,what I mean is where are the people from that are working in their telecommunications system,where are they from,and do they like black people,do they get along with black people from their countries,or do they hate the Jamaicans religion or even culture,attitude,ludeness,dressing and everything else but is not telling it to their face.


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