University student murdered in rockfort from unknown assailants

The 36-year-old was shot and killed on his way home in Rockfort, east Kingston on Sunday.

Residents told THE WEEKEND STAR that his death has further shaken the war-torn community.

“Him nuh trouble people. Him walk and talk to everybody. All him mada could a seh a ‘weh him do, weh him do’,” one resident told THE WEEKEND STAR.

Reports from the Rockfort police are that Scott, who lived on Commission Road, was walking home about 9:50 a.m. on Rusden Road when he was pounced on by an unknown assailant who shot him in his upper body, killing him.

Residents of Rockfort are so fearful these days, many refused to speak about the mayhem around them. And those who did, asked for their identities to be kept a secret.

“People in here a shiver and a tremble because innocent people a get caught inna the war,” Jane* said.

John* said the innocent residents are forced to pick sides in a war that does not concern them.

“If you come from up deh so, and come talk to me from dung deh so, you a go dead, tru that,” he said.

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