Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee: One of the most sought after coffees in the world

The blue mountain coffee is named for the distinctive mountain ridge which crowns Jamaica. The conditions in Jamaica are ideally suited to growing coffee as the island has a temperate climate and rich soil. Only coffee grown in the legally defined Blue Mountain range in Jamaica can be certified as Blue Mountain Coffee. The area is favoured by the ultimate combination of the ideal altitude mineral-rich soil and gentle cloud cover mountain shade and ample sunlight. Over time, coffee from the Blue Mountain region became particularly renowned, and today it is a protected certification mark, meaning that coffee produced in the Blue Mountains and certified by the Coffee Board of Jamaica is the only coffee that may be labeled as “Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.”

Origin of coffee in Jamaica can be traced back to 1728 when the Jamaica governor planted the first coffee crops. The coffee that we find today are the seedlings of the first eight plants, which became the major industry of the island.

The Blue Mountain term comes from the fact that these coffee seeds are planted at very high altitude, at about five and a half thousand feet.

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